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Collection of 12 color ways of Hoffman Bali Poppy precuts, each with 20 different 2-1/2-inch strips of Hoffman Bali Batiks. 100% cotton. Hand-dyed in Bali. BPP2-Asst includes these color ways: 65-Denim, 145-Spring, 427-Gemstone, 661-Beach-Glass, 662-Hard-Cider, 663-Citrus-Grove, 664-Bahamas, 665-Switzerland, 666-Gene’s Orchid, 667-Light-Bright, 668-Yankee, and 669-Noir. An order gives you one Poppy of each color. This second-generation collection of Bali Poppies is known as Poppy Fields #2.
Our first-generation collection of 12 unique Bali Poppies is BPPA-ASST, also known as Poppy Fields #1.

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